Medcursor Feet Massager with Remote, Foot Massage Machine for Circulation Booster with Adjustable Heat and Speed Setting

Medcursor Feet Massager with Remote, Foot Massage Machine for Circulation Booster with Adjustable Heat and Speed Setting

  • MULTIFUNCTION FOOT VIBRATING MASSAGER This is not your average foot massager.It has an OSCILLATION feature through vibration to provides comfort and relief to sore or tired foot and leg muscle.
  • With 3D Vibration Technology and Feet Nodules The unit has foot NODULES that focuces on the stressed areas of the foot to ease pain and promote blood circulation.It offers 12 levels of vibration so you can easily choose from slow to fast and strong. It provides localised Vibration to your feet and leg which improves blood circulation reduce stress from plantar fascia and other foot and leg issues.
  • With CONTROLLABLE HEAT FUNCTION. The foot machine produce warm level of heat which is adjustable, so you can control how long and how much heat does your feet need. NOTE: The heat is mild for safety reasons.
  • With REMOTE CONTROL No need to reach for the buttons on the device. Just relax and access the settings using the remote control NOTE: Make sure to point the remote to the machine as obstruction and distance may affect the performance of the remote.
  • CONTEMPORARY, HIGH QUALITY ERGONOMIC DESIGN This massager is well constructed to match our modern and advanced lifestyle. It is portable and has pressured points (mimics reflexology for the feet) which is known to stimulate nerve function and helps bones and muscles.


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Powerful, Well-Constructed Foot Massager

It is the ‘wonder machine’ to your exhausted, strain and sore feet. This one lets you control the vibration and the heat intensity. Plus, you can set the timer, so you can go on as much as you like.


Accessibility And Control

It has a remote control that lets you manage or customize the settings of your massager from the vibration and heat intensity. No need to reach the buttons on the machine manually. How’s that sound?


Multifunctional And Ergonomic

  • The foot massager is perfect for anyone with active lifestyle.
  • It is perfect as a pampering, stress-relieving machine after a tiring work day or a sports activity or any outdoor physical activity.
  • Its functions are great to boost your feet’s health and functionality.


Resolves Foot Or Leg Issues
Don’t bear with the muscle pain, weakness and reduced mobility. Consistent use of foot massagers are proven to be beneficial for our foot and leg’s health and function as it increases blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and provides other health benefits.

Ideal For Leg Muscle Cramps And Pain
Choose a natural way of relieving the tension, aches and pressure that we feel in our feet and lower legs with our foot massager. The vibration and heat are beneficial to alleviate the pain and sore.

Portable And Practical

  • No need to go to the spa centers to get a fulfilling foot massager.
  • Get that pampering and relaxing time at the comfort of your home.
  • Use it whenever you prefer.